Are you frustrated that you are not getting the right pool of applicants from the job ads you posted on online job boards? When you actually receive applicants, they lack the skills and experience you are looking for.

With Tempfiller Services, we know how much your time is so valuable to you. We can assist you in creating an effective recruiting strategy that would attract the right candidates. With our experience and expertise, we can help you build a company brand that will attract talents who fit in your organization.

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If you would like Tempfiller to personally recruit for you, please fill out our TEMPFILLER RECRUITING FORM BELOW and one of our recruiters will contact you as soon as possible.

Advantages of our Recruiting Service

  • Tempfiller recruits active and non-active jobseekers in our database and other recruiting sites (i.e Linkedin, Indeed, etc.);
  • Access to over 1000 applicants in our database;
  • Advanced applicant tracking system that collects over 1000 qualified candidates per job;
  • No more waiting for applicants to apply to your job advertisement;
  • Job opening promoted on our social media for more visibility to our followers;
  • Discounted placement fee compared to other staffing firms;
  • Reference and background checks
  • Utilization of our experienced recruiters and human resource strategist
  • Deposit refundable if no placement occurs (pay only our admin cost).
  • Assist in creating a company brand.
  • Market your company directly to qualified candidates.

Candidate Profile

A specific inventory of preferred candidate qualifications, characteristics and attributes will be determined prior to the initiation of the project (please refer to the TEMPFILLER RECRUITING FORM below).


Candidate identification, recruitment and referral require industry-specific original research and in-depth analysis, with relevant data obtained through published and proprietary sources, pre-existing research materials, and exhaustive telephone networking of target candidates. By synthesizing the information gathered, Tempfiller recruiters will be able to satisfy the following objectives:

  • Identify candidates whose skill sets are complementary with your company
  • Qualify candidates by telephone screening and cross referencing to verify the accuracy of the research resources;
  • Assess selected candidates for availability and interest; and
  • Refer only those candidates willing (or in a realistic position) to consider employment with your company.

Pertinent data such as references and license verification will also be included as part of the search service.

Project Schedule

Subject to your approval, research will begin as soon as we receive your signed proposal and deposit. In addition to our reference interviews with the hiring manager, periodic correspondence and bench markings (your schedule permitting) will help ensure the timely exchange of pertinent information.

Terms and Conditions of Recruiting Service

The fee for our recruiting service is $1,500.  Search takes up to 30 days. Fees will be paid according to the following schedule:

  • First payment of $250 due before work is initiated. Client has 7 days to cancel service before the first 30-day service is reached. Initial payment of $250 is nonrefundable after 7 days. 
  • Monthly credit card charge of $250/month for the next 5 months once a candidate is hired from Tempfillers. 
  • If the placed candidate terminates or is terminated from his or her position for any reason other than lack of work within 90 days of his or her date of start, Tempfiller will find a suitable replacement within a reasonable period of time following the termination. However, if the client wishes to terminate the contract after the 90 day period due to candidate’s resignation or termination, no refunds will be issued but client will not be liable for the remaining balance for the placement fee.

Recruiting Service Deposit