Tempfiller Services welcomes the opportunity to work with you on your search.

Our Purpose

Through our original research, Tempfiller will prepare a list of qualified candidates as per your skill, educational and salary specifications.  The recruiting form we provide will then be used by your company to select one or more candidates to interview and ultimately, hire.

Our Services

We provide recruiting services to help employers improve their company brand by attracting the ideal candidates to hire. Go to our Employers page for more details.

If all you need is more visibility  of your job ad, we can assist you in attracting more candidates. Please fill out our job ad form here.


  • Advertisement is posted on multiple job boards (Indeed, Ziprecruiter, Linkedin, Glassdoor, Craigslist).
  • Access to Tempfiller’s existing talent pipeline. Active job seekers in our database are referred to client.
  • Ad is marketed through our professional and personal networks (seminars, conventions, dental schools, dental societies).
  • Pay only a flat fee of $250. No added placement fees.

JOB POST (50% OFF reg. $500)